This is a discussion of your problem with the consultant chiropractor to acquaint him/her with your complaint and history. This is usually sufficient to find out if chiropractic treatment can help you.



If as a result of the consultation there is any likelihood that you can be helped, the consulting chiropractor will examine you. This will consist of an examination of the area of complaint as well as a more general examination of your posture and other possible areas of interest. You will be informed of the examination results after it is completed.



If the examination reveals problems with bones and joints some X-ray pictures will probably be indicated to enhance the understanding of the problem. You will be referred to an x-ray centre nearby. Usually two x-rays of one area are taken. You will be expected to settle the cost of the x-rays directly with the x-ray centre.

Ask x-ray centre

First Visit

The first visit will usually comprise of the consultation, an examination and treatment (consultation no fee, examination £34.00 and treatment £34.00) thus making a total of


If x-rays are required, then you will be asked to attend the x-ray centre immediately after the examination (consultation no fee, examination £34.00) (X-ray fees to be settled directly with x-ray provider) thus making a total of



Each subsequent visit that involves treatment



If you suspect your child may be having some problems or has suffered damaging falls, we shall be more than happy to check your child. It is wise to check for and eliminate potential problems as they occur, rather than wait for them to develop.

Examination £29.00

Treatment £29.00

Private Medical Insurance

More companies are now covering chiropractic services. Some allow direct access to the chiropractic physician, others require referral from your General Practitioner. Please check your policy or ask us. G Méal is registered with PPP and BUPA as a specialist in chiropractic.

Other Items

The Centre stocks a few items of interest that are not normally available in the local shops. These include various supports for the back, wrist, elbow, neck etc. These items are priced individually.